Hanoi Photo Tour 4 days 18
Hanoi Photo Tour 4 days 18
Hanoi Photo Tour 4 days 17
Hanoi Photo Tour 4 days 17
A nightscape of Hanoi in Mu Cang Chai Photo Tour
Making Soy Sauce, Vietnam Photo Tour
Hanoi Traditional Incense Village Photo Tour
Hanoi Roundabout scene from our Photo Tour
Vietnam Photo Tour Location: Hanoi Ceramic Road
Soy Sauce Worker
Bamboo Fish Basket Village
Farmer Knitting Bamboo Basket, Vietnam Photo Tour 2016
Farmers knit bamboo fishing trap in Mu Cang Chai photography trip
Long Coc tea hill, drone shot
Long Coc tea hill in our Mu Cang Chai photo workshop
Rice terrace in water season of Mu Cang Chai photo tour
Iconic rice terrace in Mu Cang Chai photography tour
Mu Cang Chai Bamboo Forest
Rice terrace in Mu Cang Chai photo tour
Mu Cang Chai Photography Tour and Workshop
Mu Cang Chai rice terraces in our photo tour & workshop
H'Mong people in Mu Cang Chai photography tour
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Discover and photograph one of the world’s most breathtaking rice terraces on our specialized Mu Cang Chai photography tour. Our expert photography guide will take you to the best vantage points to capture these iconic landscapes. This tour is designed for photographers of all levels, providing unique opportunities to photograph the vivid greenery in harvest season, and the sparkling surface in water season of wonderful Mu Cang Chai rice terraces. Join us for an unforgettable journey and bring home captivating images of Mu Cang Chai’s natural wonders.

Tour Summary

  • Duration: 7 days, 6 nights
  • Transportation: private luxury bus
  • Accommodation: 5-stars hotels and resorts
  • Room: double occupancy / twin bed share
  • Meals: 3 main meals in private rooms of modern restaurants
  • Group size: maximum 6 participants

Join the Tour

  • Total price: 3,500 USD
  • Single supplement: +600 USD
  • Tour date
    • 2024: September 6 to 12 (Mu Cang Chai harvest season) – 3 spots left
    • 2025: June 1 to June 7 (Mu Cang Chai water season)


  • Hanoi Ceramic Road
  • Hanoi Incense Village
  • Hung Yen Soy Sauce Village
  • Hung Yen Bamboo Basket Village
  • Long Coc tea hill
  • Tu Le Valley
  • Mu Cang Chai rice terrace
  • Mam Xoi rice terrace
  • Mu Cang Chai corn house
  • Lao Chai rice terrace
  • Sang Nhu rice terrace

​Tour Inclusion

  • Double occupancy in 5-star hotels and resorts
  • All city transfers
  • All airport transfers
  • Unlimited 4G SIM card
  • Unlimited bottled water
  • Site entry fees (if applicable)
  • Model fees (if applicable)
  • 3 standard meals per day
  • Non-alcoholic beverages per day
  • Coffee breaks everyday
  • Photography and licensed tour guide

Tour Exclusion

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance (it is a must)
  • Alcohol (except as noted)
  • Visas and travel insurance
  • Airport transfers outside of designated times
  • Tips for crew

Mu Cang Chai Photo Tour Itinerary


Hanoi incense village
Hanoi incense village by drone
Incense worker

Welcome to Vietnam and joining our Mu Cang Chai photo tour! Upon clearing immigration and customs, you’ll be transferred to your hotel in Hanoi, marking the start of your adventure. Complimentary transfers from Noi Bai International Airport to Hanoi hotels are available between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Our trip begins when we capture the amazing incense village for 2 hours in the afternoon. After take some amazing shots, we head out into Hanoi for a welcome dinner. After warming up and getting to know each other, you will toast the journey ahead!


We explore Hanoi’s enchanting Ceramic Road in the morning light, where intricate tiles weave stories of art and tradition into a beautiful mosaic that adorns the city. Later, journey to Duong Lam ancient village, a living testament to Vietnam’s rich heritage. In the afternoon, capture the daily rhythms of this historic enclave: winding streets lined with ancient homes, locals going about their lives, and the timeless charm that defines Duong Lam.

Ceramic Road of Hanoi
Ceramic Road of Hanoi
Farmers in Duong Lam ancient village
Farmers in Duong Lam ancient village
Hanoi by night


As we step into the morning, we’ll delve deep into the heritage of the soy sauce village, capturing the traditional craftsmanship and ancient techniques that shape this culinary cornerstone. The air will carry the savory aroma of soy, adding a sensory dimension to our visual story.

In the afternoon, our photo tour takes us to the bamboo fishing trap village, a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the local communities. We’ll freeze moments of skilled hands weaving intricate traps, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between man and nature.

Portrait of an elderly farmer
Around Vietnam Photo Tour 5
Farmers knit bamboo basket
Portrait of the bamboo basket farmer

DAY 4 of Mu Cang Chai Photography Tour

Mu Cang Chai photography tour departs Hanoi at 2 AM, chasing the first light to grace the Long Coc tea hills. Witness the sunrise painting the rolling hills in hues of gold and green, capturing the tranquil beauty of this tea-laden landscape. The journey continues to Mu Cang Chai, where terraced rice fields create a breathtaking mosaic. We pause in the enchanting embrace of Tu Le valley, framing the day’s end with the warmth of a sunset.


The day begins at the breathtaking Mam Xoi viewpoint in Mu Cang Chai, where the sunrise bathes the undulating landscapes in a golden glow. In the afternoon, we explore more rice terraces, each step revealing a patchwork of vibrant green fields against the backdrop of majestic mountains. This day promises to unfold the visual poetry of Mu Cang Chai photo tour, capturing the essence of its landscapes and the stories etched into its agricultural tapestry.


At the dawn, we enchant sunrise over Lao Chai rice terraces, where the first light paints a mesmerizing tableau across the cascading fields. Venture into the heart of a H’Mong house adorned with golden corn, a rustic portrait of daily life against the backdrop of the lush landscapes. After a nourishing lunch, we conclude the day with the warm hues of sunset gracing the “Horse-shoe” rice terraces, capturing the last light dancing on the curves of this agricultural marvel.

DAY 7 – Final Day of Mu Cang Chai Photo Tour

After an exhilarating experience, the Mu Cang Chai photo tour leads back to Hanoi, concluding our adventure at Noi Bai International Airport by 4 p.m. Whether you choose to extend your stay, relishing the memories in Hanoi, or soar back to your abode, let the photographs be the timeless imprints of this captivating expedition to Yen Bai, Lao Cai, and the vibrant landscapes of Northern Vietnam.